Online English Tutoring

English is one of the most widely spoken language in the world. This makes learning English an important priority. Added to this, good English skills improve business and employment opportunities.

The increasing penetration of the internet has created an option for students to learn English online. Online English tutorials not only include study material on the net but also live online classes. An online classroom boasts of all the features of a conventional class. Online tutoring is a combination of one-to-one tutoring sessions (live tutoring), threaded discussions, video conferencing and bulletin boards. Teachers involved in online tutoring are well-versed with the needs of the students from diverse backgrounds.


English online tutorials are very helpful in today’s fast –paced and technologically advanced world. They have many advantages, which are as follows:

TIME-SAVINGSince online tutorials are done on the net, it saves a lot of time which is otherwise wasted in travelling to the English coaching centres.


The online tutorials are very economical as compared to classroom coaching. They are usually priced low, thus making them a very accessible medium for people of all economic backgrounds. Some tutorials also provide free demo classes. Since they are online, they also help save the money that would have otherwise been spent in travelling to the tuition centre.


The timings of these English online tutorials are very flexible in nature. The timings are fixed keeping in mind the convenience of the tutor and the learner. The learner can either be a student who wants to have a class at 3pm, a working professional who wants to have the class at 9pm or a housewife who wants to take the tutorial at 12 noon. So, the timings can be selected as per the needs of the learner.


Today English is being spoken globally. It forms a common medium of communication for people living in different parts of the world. Knowing English today is almost a necessity. It is also very useful for one’s personal growth and development. It is possible for students to learn from teachers living in different countries through the online medium.


The students get individual attention. The interaction is one-to-one between the student and the tutor, and this allows the tutor to focus and give more attention to the student. This helps the tutor in identifying the weaknesses of the student and work upon the problem areas. As only a single student is taught at a time, the student can also interact easily with the tutor without feeling nervous or ashamed of being judged by fellow students.


Many English tutorials provide free trials or demo classes for the students to see whether it is good for them or not. On the basis of such trial classes, students can decide whether they would like to join the course.


The online English tutorial classes provide a lot of learning options to choose from according to the need of the person. They provide long term courses, short term courses, specific courses relating to the problem areas or customized courses according to the need of the student.


English online tutorials follow an instant feedback mechanism. This quick feedback makes it a suitable option for people as the experience is like that of a live classroom.


English online tutorials provide a platform for the students to interact with each other and, thus share their knowledge with each other. This helps to bring in varied opinionsand the discussion turns out to be a fruitful and enriching exercise. Moreover, since there are no geographical boundaries, students get to learn about fresh cultures, ways of living and most importantly, intricacies of the English language as spoken around the globe.


Students have the freedom to access their lessons at any time. They just need to post a query through Skype or drop a mail; and usually the teacher reverts back to them at the earliest. This feature is unheard of in a conventional classroom, where a student gets to raise his problem to his teachers only at specific times. Sometimes, even that can’t happen, thanks to the burgeoning work load on the teachers.


Research backs the notion that pictures are far more effective than words. This finding is applied to the teaching style by using multi-media teaching tools. In an online class, a tutor makes use of videos, pictures or audio equipments to clarify various concepts. Since, merely writing English will not serve the purpose for the students, tutors work on improving the pronunciation through audio- aids and interaction.


In a traditional classroom of over 30 students, many a times, a student might feel hesitant to raise questions to the teacher. Through one-to-one English classes, this hesitation can be easily overcome. A student, without caring about what others will say, can ask his doubts and get them clarified to his satisfaction. Furthermore, the interaction which takes place with the teacher in the process can boost his self-confidence.


Many students complain about the pace of their teachers. The learning schedule is designed in a way, so as to address these issues in a comfortable manner. Since the classes are one-to-one sessions, students can comfortably design the schedule as per their convenience. They can request the tutor to slow down or go faster as per their individual requirements.


Since the study material is available on the internet at all hours of the day, students have the freedom as well as an opportunity to revise their lessons at any hour. This proves to be extremely beneficial to the students and adds to the flexibility factor.


The special lessons on vocabulary help the students in building their word-base and transforming them into fluent speakers of the English language.


Thanks, to online tutorials, students can get that extra edge in their subjects without the hassle of hiring a full-fledged tutor.

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