Idioms on Body Parts

Blow your mind/Mind blowing : Something that blows your mind is extraordinary or unbelievable.

       The treasures in the palace were mind blowing

By heart : To learn something very well or to know something word-for-word.

       Rohan knew the poem by heart.

All ears : To be all ears is to be very interested in what someone else is saying.

Close shave : The phrase close shave describes coming very close to an accident or narrowly avoiding it.

       The car almost hit me. It was a close shave.

Get on your nerves : The phrase is used for something that annoys or irritates to a great extent.

       I really don’t want to meet them, they keep asking questions and it gets on my nerves.

Hale and hearty : This phrase is used to refer to someone who is well or in great health.

       My uncle was admitted to the hospital a couple of days back for a minor stomach ache but now he is hale and hearty.

Let your hair down : To relax and enjoy.

       After a stressful week at work, Rita likes to let her hair down over the weekend.

No sweat : This phrase is used to refer to a task that is easy to do/ will take no effort.

       I’ll get the job done, no sweat.

Roll your eyes : To roll your eyes at something is to show little interest or express disbelief.

       He rolled his eyes at the presentation. Most of the information was incorrect.

Slip of the tongue : 'Slip of the tongue' is a phrase used when someone says something accidentally.

       I’m sorry I told her about the money. It was a slip of tongue.