5 Things companies look for in a Group Discussion

Group discussions have become all the more important in recent times as many companies have made them a part of their initial selection process. There are a couple of reasons for the same. One, it allows the company to evaluate the candidate with respect to their requirements, and two, it allows for mass elimination.

In a Group Discussion, a topic is provided by the company and a discussion is held. The company will look out for aspects like:-

1. Leadership qualities.

- A good leader will be able to initiate the discussion.

- He will also be able to contribute significantly and intervene when required.

- Giving the discussion a positive direction is very crucial.

- A good leader is also a good team player. Be cooperative, understanding and appreciate

2. Ability to reason.

- You need to be able to explain your point of view. When you raise an objection to another speaker’s point, back it up with a solid reason to get the point across.

3. Communication skills & body language.

- Every employee represents the company; hence communication skills and body language command great importance.

- Dress well and be polite.

- Be expressive, assertive and firm to create an impact. However, do not be rude. Be sure of what you say and phrase your sentences carefully.

- Do not beat around the bush or talk about irrelevant things. Also note that a good communicator is also a good listener. Let others speak and do not interrupt in between. If you have an objection, wait for them to complete and then raise it.

- Make enough eye contact to seem interested and serious; do not stare. Talk to your team members, not the evaluators. Remember, eyes are a big giveaway.

4. Knowledge

- Awareness is very important to do well in a discussion. Topics can be related to political scenarios, social consequences, your opinion of a particular person etc. You may be a brilliant speaker but if the topic is alien to you, you will be helpless.
- Read the paper everyday and follow a reputed news channel. This will allow you to keep abreast with the latest and you will feel confident about your points.
- Try and use quotes, figures, statements and facts to create an impact.

5. Organization.

- Organization is a very important part of a successful discussion. Ensure that you carry a pen and paper to provide a structure to your points. Also, note what others say so that you are able to refer to that later.