Learn English through Hindi

Many Indians feel that the right way to learn English is through Hindi, the mother tongue of millions of Indians. People believe that learning a new language via one with which we are familiar makes the job simpler. Look at the following sentences.

- Tum kaise ho You how are?

- Mein theek ho I fine am.

- Mujhe nahi pata To me not know.

Something seems wrong, doesn’t it? This is the problem one faces when learning English through Hindi. A lot of factors like sentence formation, grammar and verb usage etc work very differently in both languages. Now look at the following words.

- Photographer

- Found

- Cinema

- Sin

Hindi English Quiz

English Hindi Quiz

The Hindi language is formed in a way which allows one to pronounce words exactly the way they’re spelt. The same is not true for English where rules of spelling are complex and different. As a result, many people, and especially those who learn it through another language make spelling and pronunciation errors. For example,
The word 'photograph' is pronounced differently from the word 'photographer'.
In the word 'found', the ‘f’ is pronounced exactly the way ‘ph’ is in photo.
The word 'sin' is pronounced exactly the way ‘cin’ is pronounced in cinema.

Now look at the following sentences and their literal translations.

How do you do? Kaise karte ho?
What’s up Upar kya hai?
Keep in touch Chhute raho.

Why are we telling you all this?

English is a complex language with many rules and contradictions. Only memorizing words and studying grammar will not be enough. Learning it requires systematic study and a structured study plan.

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