Learn English through Marathi

In terms of number of speakers, Marathi is the fourth most spoken language in India and among the top twenty languages in the world. More than 70 million people speak Marathi as their native language. Marathi is the official language of the state of Maharashtra in western India. It is also spoken in the states of Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.

With increasing globalization and the opening up of the Indian economy, speaking English fluently has become a pre-requisite for career and business success. Millions of people who have studied in Marathi medium schools find it difficult to speak English confidently.

Since the sentence construction rules are different for English and Marathi, you will see that literally translating sentences word-by-word creates incorrect and awkward sentences.

Look at the following examples :

माझे नाव अनुराग आहे My name Anurag is
मी मुंबई मध्ये राहतात I Mumbai in live.

At EnglishLeap, we are dedicated to creating learning products to help native Marathi speakers improve their English language skills and speak English fluently. We believe in a holistic approach to learning a language which includes grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, writing skills and spoken English practice. Such an approach has proved to be extremely effective and we hope to continue to help Marathi speakers become confident English speakers.