10 Tips to Ace Your Group Discussion

In a Group Discussion (GD), you are expected to contribute meaningfully and help arrive at a consensus. It is not a platform for you to fight your way through and dominate. Flexibility and gelling with the group is also very important.

Make a note of the following points and you’ll get through with flying colours:

1. Arrive on time and dress formally. This is not a casual discussion, but one that will help you get a job with a company. You need to look impressive, well groomed and confident.

2. If you have some doubts or want some clarifications on the subject/topic of the discussion, make sure to ask and clear them out before the discussion begins and not after that..

3. Always carry a pen and a notebook. This allows you to refer to what others have said previously.

4. Be yourself and do not be arrogant. Body language is important, so be careful while using gestures and do not ever get aggressive.

5. Initiating the discussion is a major plus point but do so only if you’re very clear about the topic and know a lot about the same.

6. Maintain eye contact with team members and not evaluators. They’re not a part of the discussion. Ensure that you get to speak your point, if the other members hear you, the evaluators will too.

7. Having said that, ensure that you listen as well and appreciate what others are saying. If you do not agree with someone’s point, let them complete and then raise your objection. Do not interrupt.

8. Be positive and do not be over confident.

9. Try and sort out contradictions and arguments. Providing a meaningful direction to the discussion always leaves a good impression on the evaluators.

10. Understand that the aim is not to speak often or for long periods. The aim is to be precise and clear with your points. Ultimately, the discussion has to reach a conclusion and you must strive towards that.