English Audio Lessons

We at English Leap believe that the best means of learning a language is to do so through audio learning, a tried and tested means of getting the most of your educational experience.

What are the other approaches to learning? Textbooks and classrooms, of course. But there is only so much you can learn about a language through books; what about diction, articulation, pronunciation, emphasis? These are things you must master through listening and practice, which is where audio learning comes in as a very handy tool. It gives you the chance to apply the knowledge you may gain through books with confidence. In the case of a language like English, audio learning assumes even more importance because it is a highly derivative language and this makes pronunciation a particularly tricky matter. And for those who are not comfortable with the classroom dynamic, or for whom travelling to a classroom is simply an inconvenience, online audio lessons are the solution! We offer you a comprehensive library of recordings to prepare you for everyday conversations in English, which can be accessed directly through your computer, from the comfort of your home!