English Lessons


EnglishLeap provides you with resources to become a fluent English speaker. The most effective way is to enrol in our online English course and start practising spoken English. But even if you are looking for some grammar basics, we have plenty of material for you.

The following pages will be useful

NOUNS – Understanding nouns, their types and a big list of commonly used nouns. There are pages on collective nouns and possessive nouns.

ADJECTIVES - Understanding adjectives, their types and a big list of commonly adjectives. There is a page on comparison of adjectives.

VERBS - Understanding verbs, their types and a big list of commonly verbs. There are pages on Regular and Irregular Verbs, participles, gerunds and infinitives, stative verbs and modals.

ADVERBS - There are pages on placement of adjectives and forming adverbs from adjectives.

PREPOSITIONS - Learm more about Prepositions of Time, Place and Movement.

PRONOUNS - Learn about the different kinds of pronouns.



TENSES - Learn to use all nine tenses in the English language.


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