You may have come across many people introducing themselves by saying, “Hi, myself Harish.” This is wrong. Instead, say, “I am Harish.” 'Me', 'I' and 'myself' are all used to refer to the same person (that person is you) but cannot be used interchangeably. Understanding their usage is an important part of learning English.
The first thing to understand is that ‘myself’ is neither a replacement for me, nor for I. The word ‘myself’ is a pronoun and is used to lay emphasis. Take a look at the following sentences.

  1. I will do it. I will do it my self.
  2. I cleaned the house.I cleaned the house my self.
  3. I fixed the car. I fixed the car my self.

All the three examples make sense and mean the same with or without the use of ‘myself’. As stated earlier, it is used only for stress and never alone. Also, myself can never be used with ‘me’, which is an object pronoun.