Two words commonly confused by English speakers are 'effect' and 'affect'. ‘Affect’ is used as a verb and means ‘to have an influence on’ and ‘Effect’ is used as a noun and means ‘the result’.


The dropped catch did not affect the result of the game.

The heavy rainfall affected the grains kept in the old warehouse.

Did the noise affect your sleep?


The effect of the tsunami was devastating.

The side effect of the cough syrup was drowsiness.

Did the noise have an effect on your sleep?

Effect is also used in the expressions ‘in effect’, ‘take effect’ and ‘come into effect.’

‘In effect’ means to ‘In fact’ or ‘In reality’

His silence was in effect an acceptance of the crime.

‘Take effect’ means ‘to produce an action’

The medicine will take effect in an hour.

‘Come into effect’ means ‘to come into existence’

The news laws come into effect next month.