Hindi Meaning of snap

snap (Interj)
Hindi Meaning : समानता पर निकलने वाला आश्चर्य भाव
Usage : Snap! your bag is similar to mine.

snap (Adj)
Hindi Meaning : तात्कालिक/फऔरी/आसु
Usage : This work is too snap.

snap (N)
Hindi Meaning : ताश के पत्तों का एक खेल
Usage : Snap is an entertaining game.

snap (V)
Hindi Meaning : तोड डआलना
Usage : He snapped his finger.

snap (N)
Hindi Meaning : आशुचित्र
Usage : I have a fine collection of holiday snaps.

English Meaning of snap

snap (n)
the act of catching an object with the hands

snap (v)
utter in an angry, sharp, or abrupt tone

Similar Word(s) to snap

catch     grab     snatch    

Antonym(s) of snap

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