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Spoken English - Intermediate

Spoken English - Intermediate. Join this course if you -

1) Can speak English in simple situations but are more comfortable in your mother tongue.

2) Think in mother tongue and translate to English.

3) Want to improve spoken English fluency and speak English in all social situations..

  • 01. What about you?
    01. What about you?

    Talking about your daily routine

    Using adverbs of frequency

  • 02. At a restaurant
    02. At a restaurant

    Language used at a restaurant

    Booking a table, ordering food, complaining etc.

  • 03. Describing people
    03. Describing people

    Describing somebody's appearance and characteristics

    Adjectives and adverbs used for description

  • 04. Going on holiday
    04. Going on holiday

    Planning a holiday

    Using different tenses to talk about the future

  • 05. What if you miss the train?
    05. What if you miss the train?

    Train travel

    First conditional sentences

  • 06. Cricket or Football
    06. Cricket or Football

    Comparing cricket and football

    Using different degrees of comparison

  • 07. Grocery shopping
    07. Grocery shopping

    Going grocery shopping

    Countable and uncountable nouns

  • 08. I need advice
    08. I need advice

    Advising each other

    Usage of Modals

  • 09. At the mall
    09. At the mall

    Talking about a visit to the mall

  • 10. I saw a movie yesterday
    10. I saw a movie yesterday

    Describing the story of a movie

  • 11. Celebrations
    11. Celebrations

    How festivals are celebrated in India

    Usage of passive voice

  • 12. Congratulations!
    12. Congratulations!

    Buying a house

    Using the present perfect tense

  • 13. There’s a wedding in the family
    13. There’s a wedding in the family

    Preparing for a wedding

    Passive sentences in the present perfect tense

  • 14. House hunting
    14. House hunting

    Conversation about looking for a house

    Usage of present perfect continuous

  • 15. First day at work
    15. First day at work

    Introducing and greeting a new colleague

    Usage of the present perfect tense

  • 16. I’m sick
    16. I’m sick

    An appointment with the doctor

  • 17. Confession time
    17. Confession time

    Friends confessing their bad habits

    Present perfect vs Simple past

  • 18. Salesman of the day
    18. Salesman of the day

    Usage of phrasal verbs like 'switch on', 'turn off' etc.

  • 19. I love music
    19. I love music

    Discussing hobbies

    Usage of Gerunds and Infinitives

  • 20. Checked In
    20. Checked In

    Checking In at the airport

    Air travel vocabulary

  • 21. Just Imagine
    21. Just Imagine

    Speaking about a hypothetical situation

    Sentences starting with 'If'

  • 22. What a holiday!
    22. What a holiday!

    Discussing your last holiday

    Using the past perfect tense

  • 23. A burglary in my house
    23. A burglary in my house

    Talking about a burglary that happened in the past

  • 24. Exam fever
    24. Exam fever

    Facing exams

    Third conditional sentences

  • 25. It’s easy, isn’t it?
    25. It’s easy, isn’t it?

    Meeting in the college canteen

    Using tag questions

  • 26. Good old days
    26. Good old days

    Friends talking about the good old days

    Usage of words like 'used to'

  • 27. That’s my hero
    27. That’s my hero

    Talking about people you admire

    Agreement and disagreement using short responses

  • 28. What about you?
    28. What about you?

    Asking and answering questions

    Usage of short responses

  • 29. Exciting news!
    29. Exciting news!

    Reporting a chance conversation with your favorite star

    Reported speech

  • 30. Lost property
    30. Lost property

    Describing lost objects

    Description vocabulary

  • 31. Regrets
    31. Regrets

    Talking about what you regret

    Third conditional

  • 32. It’s New Year
    32. It’s New Year

    Arranging a New Year party

  • 33. My biggest fear
    33. My biggest fear

    Talking about Phobias

  • 34. Diwali celebrations
    34. Diwali celebrations

    Talking about Diwali

    Use of passive voice

  • 35. It’s Holi
    35. It’s Holi

    Holi celebrations

  • 36. Superstitions
    36. Superstitions

    Talking about superstitions

  • 37. Are marriages made in heaven?
    37. Are marriages made in heaven?

    Arranged marriage vs Love marriage

  • 38. What would you like to change?
    38. What would you like to change?

    Changes you would like to see in India

  • 39. Why English?
    39. Why English?

    Importance of English in today's world

    Usage of Modals

  • 40. How right are you for this job?
    40. How right are you for this job?

    Good and Bad interviews

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