Improve Your Grammar Concepts (FREE)

31 Modules to help you master English grammar

Test and Re-Test each concept to make sure that you understand the concept

Learn to introduce yourself and others, use different tenses, ask questions etc.

Avoid making grammatical mistakes in English

01 Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

02 Negative Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

03 Simple Questions and Short Answers

04 Simple Questions and Short Answers II

05 Showing Possession

06 Asking Simple Questions

07 Adverbs of Frequency

08 Present Continuous Tense

09 Questions in the Present Continuous

10 Telling the Time

11 Prepositions of Time

12 Comparatives

13 Superlatives

14 Countable and Uncountable Nouns

15 Was and Were

16 Regular Verbs in the Simple Past Tense

17 Irregular Verbs in the Simple Past Tense

18 Negative Sentences in the Simple Past

19 Questions in the Simple Past

20 Past Continuous Tense

21 Future Tense

22 Questions in the Future Tense

23 Present Perfect Tense

24 Past Perfect Tense

25 Articles

26 Tag Questions

27 Future Continuous Tense

28 Future Perfect Tense

29 Present Perfect Continuous Tense

30 Past Perfect Continuous Tense

31 Future Perfect Continuous Tense


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