EnglishLeap introduces a vocabulary course

EnglishLeap has recently introduced a vocabulary improvement course. This course is available free to all registered members of the website. 

Most vocabulary improvements courses follow the flashcard methodology where the learner is supposed to memorize new words in order to improve his or her vocabulary. This technique may be effective for vocabulary test-takers who have to memorize a big list of words in a short period of time, but it is highly inefficient for most English language learners as they do not understand the usage of these words. 

EnglishLeap has structured its vocabulary course in a manner that the learner is not only exposed to new words, but is also able to internalize them and make them a part of his or her usable vocabulary. The course keeps a track of the number of new words a learner has learnt and the learner has an option to test and re-test whether he or she can actually use these words.

We hope that this new course helps many English learners enrich their vocabulary