Free Grammar Improvement Course on EnglishLeap

Another exciting development at has been the launch of the free grammar concept improvement course. This course is available to all registered users and more than 1000 users have tried this course in the past two weeks.

The 'Improve Your Concepts' course has 31 modules. These modules have been developed by EnglishLeap by identifying the most typical mistakes made by English learners.

Each of these modules include a pre-assessment test for the learner to check his proficiency level. The learner either gets a 'Concept Clear' or a 'Needs Attention' rating depending on his score. If the rating is 'Concept Clear', the learner can move on to the next concept. If the rating is 'Needs Attention', the learner can go through an interactive lesson to help him understand the concept. There is a post-assessment at the end of the module to re-test the learner.

This course has proven to be an immediate hit with the learners at We hope to keep adding more courses to help people improve their English in an engaging manner.