Career Advancement: A big reason for improving English

We have been working with our students to help them improve their spoken English skills with a high degree of success. However, before working with students to improve their language, we try to discover the reasons why fluency in the English language is important to them. Not surprisingly, the number one reason for wanting to become fluent in English is career advancement.

English has become the language for business across the world. Many of our learners are students who are stepping into the corporate world. For them, it becomes important to be articulate and communicative in their job interviews. Working professionals also form a big chunk of English learners at EnglishLeap. These professionals realize that they can reach the very top of their organizations only if they speak English well. In fact, many of these professionals have been told in their performance reviews that communication is their area of improvement and they actively work on their identified weaknesses.

It is not only white collar professionals and students who feel that fluency in English can propel their career prospects. Increasingly, blue collar professionals are embracing the language to command a premium for their skills and find jobs overseas.