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Your Score: 20/50

Average Score: 29.8/50 ( Based on > 10,000 attempts )

Your Grammar Score: 17/45

Your Vocabulary Score: 3/5

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Level 1

Writing Exercise

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Other Grammar Concepts

Recommended Chapters

Lessons that you should study in the Grammar Course

01 Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

02 Negative Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

04 Simple Questions and Short Answers II

05 Showing Possession

06 Asking Simple Questions

07 Adverbs of Frequency

08 Present Continuous Tense

10 Telling the Time

11 Prepositions of Time

14 Countable and Uncountable Nouns

16 Regular Verbs in the Simple Past Tense

17 Irregular Verbs in the Simple Past Tense

18 Negative Sentences in the Simple Past

19 Questions in the Simple Past

21 Future Tense

23 Present Perfect Tense

25 Articles

29 Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Lessons that you should study in the Spoken English Courses

01 Introducing yourself

02 Learning about other people

03 Asking about family

04 Talking about friends and family

05 Discussing likes and dislikes

06 Asking about daily routines

07 Describing what's happening

09 Telling the time

10 Talking about upcoming events

04 Asking about eating habits

05 Telling someone's life history

08 Talking about the weekend

09 Discussing the first day of college

11 Asking about a date

15 Talking about daily routines

16 Reviewing a meeting schedule

19 Helping a new colleague

03 Discussing a shopping list

07 Asking a new colleague about work history

11 Asking about a vacation

02 Talking about buying a new house

07 Discussing house hunting