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Other Grammar Concepts

Recommended Chapters

Lessons that you should study in the Grammar Course (Free)

01 Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

04 Simple Questions and Short Answers II

07 Adverbs of Frequency

10 Telling the Time

13 Superlatives

14 Countable and Uncountable Nouns

18 Negative Sentences in the Simple Past

19 Questions in the Simple Past

20 Past Continuous Tense

25 Articles

29 Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Lessons that you should study in the Spoken English Courses (Premium)

01 Introductions

03 Your Family

06 How Often Do You?

11 What time is it?

24 Who Is The Best?

26 How many do you have?

30 My first day in college

31 The worst day of my life....

32 Let’s test your memory

01. What about you?

07. Grocery shopping

14. House hunting