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Other Grammar Concepts

Recommended Chapters

Lessons that you should study in the Grammar Course (Free)

02 Negative Sentences in the Simple Present Tense

04 Simple Questions and Short Answers II

05 Showing Possession

10 Telling the Time

12 Comparatives

17 Irregular Verbs in the Simple Past Tense

19 Questions in the Simple Past

21 Future Tense

23 Present Perfect Tense

24 Past Perfect Tense

Lessons that you should study in the Spoken English Courses (Premium)

02 Talking More About Others

03 Your Family

04 My Friends & Family

11 What time is it?

22 Bigger or Smaller

23 Better or Worse

29 How did you spend the last weekend?

31 The worst day of my life....

37 Offer a helping hand

40 Have you ever….?

06. Cricket or Football

12. Congratulations!

15. First day at work

22. What a holiday!